Chalets and properties to rent in Altea

Tourism is one of the main economic drivers in Spain and we are not surprised, the majority of the beaches are very high quality and the warmth of the people makes them open to receive people who have decided to discover Spanish culture. However, while it is true that more and more people choose foreign touristic destinations, this is because they do not know destinations like Altea, which will, no doubt, surprise you.

Altea is located in Alicante in the Marina Baja area, which has a strong artistic and cultural element as it is home to the Miguel Hernández University Fine Arts faculty.

Altea will, without doubt, surprise you and it is more than likely that you will want to repeat the experience next summer. Thanks to Plusholidays, you will enjoy a quality experience, during which stress will stay in the office and not travel with you to the beach.

However, this town has a medium population density which is why it is not like other touristic destinations we offer (like Benissa), as it tends to be a bit more overcrowded. Mind you, there are many more entertainment options. It is worth weighing up the cons, although this is really the only one because, as for the rest, the area is lovely and the beaches to die for.

The local economy is driven by tourism, which is why this is such a warm and welcoming town, unlike other areas where they are less used to the arrival of tourists. All of this makes this an ideal place to spend your holidays. Agriculture and fishing are also important economic drivers so the area has a deep connection to nature as it partly lives off it.

Rentals in Altea

Renting in Altea requires the advice of an experienced brand, like Plusholidays. This is because, if not, you will not be able to get the best properties. We are specialists in single-family homes and all types of chalets in Altea.

This is because these are the products our customers like best as they provide much greater intimacy and privacy. Furthermore, they make you feel much more at home so you will be more comfortable than in other types of accommodation. There is also a greater connection to nature and you will not have to worry about the neighbours.

Altea Beaches

Its beaches are, without doubt, Altea’s main attraction. For example, L’Espigo, which was renovated by popular demand in 1999, is a good beach. The refurbishment was required after the construction of a reservoir made it disappear.

La Olla is a charming beach with a special magic. Furthermore, 500 metres from the beach there is a small island. However, we do not advise trying to swim there unless you are an expert swimmer.

La Cap Negret is a different beach, pebbled and the water is especially clean and very calm, making it ideal for small children. Here, they can get used to the sea but with smaller waves. Finally, just to point out that the most crowded and popular beach is La Roda owing to its location in the town centre itself.

Altea Festivals

It should be noted that, homage is paid to one patron or another depending on the district. This allows for greater diversity when it comes to choosing what type of festivity you would like to attend. In June, for example, the festival of the Most Holy Trinity is famous in the Bellaguarda district. In July, the most celebrated festival is that of St. Peter.

Also of note are are the festival of St. Thomas and the patronal festival to honour the Holy Christ. As you can tell, all these festivals have a strong religious theme, but this does not mean there is not also a strong cultural element from a range of artistic fields. Altea has been home to many artists such as, for example, Benjamín Palencia, Ramón de Soto, Antonio Lago and Luís Frutos.

WWith respect to other places of interest, of particular note are the Monastery Church of the Barefoot Carmelitas, and the Galera and Bellaguarda Towers. The old town, better known as el Fornet, is one of the prettiest parts of the town and has numerous Miradores (vantage points) to enjoy the views. Finally, it is worth mentioning the seafront promenade, which you must visit and stroll along no matter what. The town also has a nautical club, the Altea Nautical Club.

Images of Altea

Altea Town Hall

Regarding the town hall, it should be noted that it has always had a strong commitment to culture and respect for the area’s environment. This has been, without doubt, one of the main reasons that tourism has flourished without destroying the area’s natural beauty. It also promotes many cultural activities such as concerts and exhibitions, which can help us to better understand the local people and the area itself, such as its history.

In conclusion, this town is a place that it is really worth visiting. You will never forget this experience and we are convinced that you will end up falling in love with the area and its people.

Altea is the sort of place you have to return to, and many of our customer do indeed repeat the experience owing to their high level of satisfaction with the trip. For this reason, we at Plusholidays are proud to offer you this service at the best price. So that you too can enjoy Altea’s charm.