Why choose Calpe for your holidays?

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This destination is ideal for families wanting to relax in a quiet, peaceful setting.

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Calpe is a remarkable place located on the northern coast of Alicante province and crowned by the Rock of Ifach, which is of tremendous beauty and more than 300 metres high. Without doubt, a real symbol of the Costa Blanca.

One of the reasons for visiting Calpe is to view its monuments (it was not going to be only all about going to the beach). For example, the hermitage of Salvador of Calpe, which is Gothic style from the era of the Reconquest, is one of the landmarks of the town and has that typical Alicante charm that will amaze you.

Mascarat castle in the town of Alicante is an excellent attraction for the children to learn about Spanish history in an educational and entertaining way, leaving you to take in its majesty. The purpose of the castle was to ward off invasions by Berber pirates.

Furthermore, other places of interest in Calpe, to name but a few, are, the Rock of Ifach Natural Park and Enginent Park. The former reflects the rock, which is the symbol of the Costa Blanca, and is 332 metres high and 1 kilometre long. The latter is a recreational area with play areas for children, barbeques, water fountains and leisure and sporting facilities. Another place of interest are Calpe salt flats, where you can observe the beauty of the natural world very close to the urban nucleus of the town.

Regarding the beaches, it is worth mentioning that Arenal-Bol beach, which is 2000 metres long, stands out. This beach is close to the town centre and is of fine sand. If you do not like fine sand, one of our recommendations would be Calalga cove, which is 100 metres long with pebbles. Calpe market is very famous locally, making it an interesting option for buying local produce and taking away with you a charming souvenir of the town.

With respect to the most interesting festivals, it is worth pointing out the need to attend the traditional Moors and Christian festival and the Bonfires of St. John. The bonfires are celebrated on the 23 rd June when you can observe rituals celebrated since a very long time ago. The best place to enjoy them is on Arenal-Bol beach.

Calpe Beaches

As we were saying, Calpe’s beaches have a special charm. They are very well-maintained and stand out for the quality of the water and their fine, golden sand. Furthermore, Arenal-Bol and Fossa beaches both also have promenades bordering their edges. There, we can also enjoy all sorts of water sports such as, among others, sailing or diving.

Rentals in Calpe

Despite offering a premium experience, rentals in Calpe are not dear. This is because the majority of the population are foreigners which has led to strong investment in property locally and, as a consequence, it is not difficult to find a cheap rental property that can be very well-equipped. Calpe chalets are among our customers’ preferred options for the freedom and independence they offer as well as for the intimacy they provide.

It is worth noting that Calpe is not a very big town so, in principle, we advise you make your booking well in advance.

Calpe Festivals

As we have already mentioned, Calpe’s main festivals are the Moors and Christians and the Bonfires of St. John. The former has been celebrated since 1977, which leads us to believe that they have proven popular. The latter has been celebrated since 1991 and is a local tradition.

Notwithstanding, it should be borne in mind that the town has a very strong German contingent, which is why the town also celebrates the Oktoberfest. And so, as you can see, there is a wide variety of festivals to ensure that you will never get bored.

Images of Calpe

Calpe Town Hall

Calpe Town Hall presents a series of distinctive aspects, but the place preferred by tourists is the old town hall building, which now serves as the local archaeological museum. You should not, under any circumstances, miss this visit as it is highly recommended, especially for the children.

In conclusion, Calpe is an excellent tourist destination for those in search of leisure and relaxation. Let us offer you a unique and unrepeatable holiday experience.

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