Discover why Denia is an emblematic location and why you must visit on your holidays

When choosing the best excursions or places to visit on our holidays, we need to consider a series of factors so that every trip or outing is unforgettable. However, it is normal, if you do not know the area, that you might need a bit of help.

With this in mind, we at Plusholidays wanted to reveal to you Denia’s most striking features.

Denia is an Alicante town within the Marina Alta local region, it has a population of 40000 inhabitants although this goes up in summer with the arrival of tourists. It is a very popular destination that people seem to like a lot, especially people from Madrid. It also atttacts foreign tourists from all over the world, making it a good place for youngsters wanting to meet people and make new friendships.

Denia has a commercial port from where we can get to Ibiza or enjoy various ferry excursions up and down the local coastline.

Recreational and leisure activities in Denia

Guided activities in Denia will let you discover the area in a much more intimate way and enjoy family adventures and sport. For example, windurfing, kayaking, paintball or multi-adventure family activities.

A very good choice would be the Okaventuras leisure company, which would enable you to explore different routes and sports along the coast and at the foot of the high cliffs, which is a very naturalistic experience. You can also go canyoning if you are one of those who like a more adventurous sport.

Hiking is, without doubt, another very interesting activity that will enable you to connect with local fauna and flora and discover the natural wonders that surround Denia. Luckily, the town’s periphery is not invasive and respects the natural environment very well.

Denia Beaches

With respect to Denia’s beaches, it is worth noting that most are lovely and offer a great experience, especially for small children who can entertain themselves making sandcastles and playing in the waves, which are not, as a general rule, dangerous for them.

Denia has a 20 kilometre coastline and may be divided into two zones: in the north, the beaches are big and sandy while in the south, there are rocky coves. These beaches have ISO 14001 and ISO 9001-2000 certification, which means they are quality beaches and well managed from an environmental perspective.

The Marinas area has more sandy beaches such as Les Deveses or L’Almadraba, which will surprise you. Les Rotes has many coves and the promenade, along which a stroll with your partner, is highly recommended.

With regard to the local cuisine, the Red Prawn competition, the tapas route and the Arrós Caldós gastronomic encounter are all worth a mention, which means that if you want to eat well, Denia is a good place to do so.

Denia Festivals

With regard to Denia’s festivals, it is worth noting the quality of the nocturnal atmosphere, which makes it especially pleasant to go for a stroll through the streets around the port or along any of the beaches, where you can enjoy the local food in the restaurants as well as live music concerts and many other activities.

There is plenty to do in Denia at night, making it perfect for young couples that want to have a good time and enjoy themselves, there is also lots of choice so you will be able to find what suits you best.

With respect to the most traditional festivals, the typical Moors and Christians festival stands out, and is so characteristic of the Spanish Levante with its festival troupes, the fallas that start with the plantá and gunpowder, adorned with some wonderful parades and the mascletá. There are also festivals of a religious nature such as those in the hermitage of St. John as well as others like the Bonfires of St. John, which are highly recommended, above all because of the strongly maritime atmosphere, which you will almost certainly not have in your town. In December, the main attraction is the medieval market that is held in the streets of the town centre, and which is highly recommended for those that want to recreate the feudal era.

Images of Denia

Denia Town Hall

The town hall characteristically promotes different leisure and cultural activities that tend to be aimed more towards young children as adults already have enough options in the town. In fact, Denia is one of the best towns on the Costa Blanca when it comes to nightlife.

If you would like more detailed information, the toursim office is located in the Plaza del Consell, where they will be happy to help and give tips on how best to enjoy the Denia experience.

In conclusion, Denia is a very good town to spend your holidays, so, if you are really interested in a quiet atmosphere combined with quality nightlife, then, without doubt, Denia should be your next holiday destination. Furthermore, thanks to Plusholidays, you can get the best rentals in Denia for a really good price.