Enjoy unforgettable holidays in Moraira

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Moraira is a town located in Alicante and has been an important international tourism centre for a number of years, making it one of the benchmarks of the Costa Blanca. If you would like to learn more about this magical place, continue reading this article.

Moraira is a town whose history dates back to the XVIIth century, when it sprang up spontaneously. It is certain that its spontaneous development is justifiable by the beauty of its surroundings. However, do not think that, having been exploited for tourist purposes, its beauty has been spoiled, on the contrary, the local inhabitants have made an effort to conserve their best asset, which is its own natural heritage.

Furthermore, this beautiful little town is lucky to be not at all overcrowded, barely 1600 people live there, which is an undoubted relief for those in search of peaceful holidays rather than a horde of people all competing to put their towels down on the beach.

It is a traditional fishing village, which is why it is so well-preserved as they practise natural, rather than, industrial fishing. Natural fishing has brought the locals closer to the needs of the area and they encourage its conservation.

For all these reasons, Moraira is an excellent place if you want a calm and peaceful summer holiday. You can enjoy the beaches and appreciate the rural beauty without masses of other people.

Rentals in Moraira

We know it is difficult finding rentals in small towns. However, bear in mind that we have the best rental properties in Moraira. The rental chalets we offer are excellent quality and have a rural touch that makes them hard to forget.

Our Moraira villas are among our star products. This is because, as they offer intimacy and privacy, you will not have to worry about the neighbours, making them ideal for couples travelling alone.

Rentals are not dear, making them affordable for almost everyone. This means that most people repeat the experience. In fact, we have many customers telling us they want to come back and that they have loved this tourist destination.

Moraira Beaches

Moraira’s best beach is l ‘Ampolla, which is located near to the town centre and is the longest of them all. Its fine golden sand and proximity to the castle have made it deserving of the blue flag award. Its calm waters, that are not too deep, make it especially suited for those that like all the comforts of a cosmopolitan beach, yet know how to conserve the quality and cleanliness of its waters and beautiful reddish cliffs.

Another of Moraira’s beaches is Playa del Portet, which is one of the region’s best leisure areas. You can do loads of activities, the most recommended of which are a trip up to the lookout tower (from where there are spectacular views) or diving off the rocky shore.

The water is very clean, and the setting makes you think your are in a story. You will not believe it! It is also worth mentioning that local gastronomic options are excellent, and the black rice is outstanding and usually very popular with both foreign and national tourists.

It is a very family-oriented beach with very few dangers for children, making it ideal for learning to dive in a warm, safe environment.

Moraira Festivals

Typically for this area, the most highly recommended festivals are the Moors and Christians and the night of St. John, although you cannot just leave it there if you want a deep understanding of the area.

The festival of St. Anthony is highly recommended, with an animal component and touches that recall the night of St. John. You must also see the Patronal Festival of Teulada, which features young bulls, fireworks, floats, verbenas and processions. The area’s leisure offering is quite good despite it not being a very large town.

Diving and cycling are essential in Moraira if you are sporty, either on your own (if you are an expert) or guided, if you are a beginner. As we were saying earlier, Portet beach is ideal for introducing children to all kinds of water sports for the first time.

Images of Moraira

Moraira Town Hall

The Town Hall plays a very important role in everything to do with the town’s leisure offering, and so it would be a good idea to pop in and find out about all the activities you can do. One of its best proposals is the Andalusian medieval market, which is a rich experience with regard to learning about other cultures.

Shows put on by the area’s dance school and orchestra are also recommended for encouraging the local young talent while enjoying a pleasant evening to the rhythm of the music.

In conclusion, as you will have seen, this town is ideal for family holidays. It is also ideal for singles and unmarried couples given its great leisure opportunities which means you will never get bored. It is worth noting that more and more people are falling in love with Moraira and returning there for their holidays. Finally, just to say that, if you like sport, you will never regret visiting the area as you can fully appreciate its landscapes on a bike. Do not miss out and book now!